Thursday, December 6, 2007

"Your stocking won't be the only thing getting stuffed this year!"

Tofurkey and sweet potato fries with home-made cran sauce, MMMmmmmm.....

Saturday, December 1, 2007

let's review:

1. I have a grasshopper living in my back yard who makes me feel like a very lucky girl.

2. My sister is the cool one with the exciting lifestyle, not me.

3. I have a lime tree in my back yard.

4. I am recently single for what feels like the first time ever and have been working weird, long hours. Therefore I have nothing but condiments and beverages in my fridge like an "f"ing bachelor. Also, I never realized my name is an anagram for heal.

5. This shit cracks me up.


7. Roller Disco with the sister and her lovely friends, myeah.

8. Long converging strings of light lining roads at night like this (though not the best example) make me feel like I'm very far away from home.

9. Plants grow in the direction of sunlight.

10. Me and mum.

11. "Jack Jack" the 8 week old English Bulldog (not mine) who I fell madly in love with as soon as I extended my hand to greet him and he reacted by stumbling over to it just to paw and sniff at it like an awkward puppy.

12. Fred approves wholeheartedly of our new green-fuzzy-ikea-blanket.