Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Neighbor Dog

The next best thing to actually having a dog, in fact - maybe even better, is having a really great little neighbor-dog. This one likes to hang out on my (dying) lawn (if you could call it that) and on my door step and just generally in front of my apartment so when I come home sometimes, it looks like I actually have a little apartment-sized dog, when in fact, I don't.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The ol' cracker factory...

I've always thought of my office in these terms because of the TV show, the Simpson's - Millhouse's dad worked at a cracker factory. Plus, this always makes me think of the episode where they go to Japan and Lisa looks out the window at the Hello Kitty factory just as a bunch of muffled cats cry out and a burst of smoke emerges from a smoke-stack - hilarious!

I like to think of this constant stream as the souls of young, bright-eyed artists as they graduate from Stanford and M.I.T. only to be consumed by the corporation for which I work and the greater good of entertainment, just like those Hello-Kitties!

I, coincidentally, work in the quirky little building in the foreground to the right.