Sunday, January 24, 2010

I still do this:

Breakfast is my favorite meal. I have my reasons. One day, I would like to have taken enough thoughtful photos of delicious breakfasts to make a little gallery of them. I have so few currently because they are usually consumed before that can happen, as it should be. Yes, that's fake bacon. I have my reasons.

Ever since the dentist cleared all the stuff out of her side of the garage, I look like the one with a bit more of a stuff-collection. Granted, I live there. She just stores her printer paper and outdated machinery in there.

Fred's fur is iridescent in the sun.

Really, Mario? Really? That's clever...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Holiday photo-blogging:

My little "christmas miracle" (the 18 year-old, sweetheart kitty with no clue of her age) had some minor surgery but immediately recovered for her usual games of undercover-marimekko-eskimo in her follow-up role in "the world is not enough"... Wait what..? Didn't the ice castle set get destroyed..?

I did this for Christmas. It was fun/funny... lots of hilarious moments. I manned the beverage station.

When I got home from volunteering on Christmas, Fred was so happy about my decision to take the rare nap that she sat on me and purred... she's been doing this as she gets older because she's cold a lot... she weighs less than 6lbs now.

After the (non)nap, I headed to Dockweiler Beach for a bonfire, and my good friend's birthday... which is on Christmas... so his parents named him Jesus... he doesn't go by that...

I pet-sat for these little buddies over the holidays. Not together - the dog (Julie) for my cousin's family and the cats (Fat Boy and White Boy) for a friend. Every time I went to visit the cats, I would get the song "Waiting for my Man" by the Velvet Underground in my head. "hey white boy, whatcha doing uptown..?" It was hard to imagine Lou Reed was talking about this cat though...