Wednesday, June 17, 2009

favorite things blogpost #5

I bought my "degree" a few years ago while walking past an antique store with my sister. She is a notorious aficionado and collector of all things pertaining to any historical war-era, and of any personal belongings important enough for a person to have kept until death.

When I bought it, it immediately went up on the door of my office at my big corporate job because, who else besides doctors and lawyers can hang a real degree on their wall? This, I felt much more than my actual college degree, expressed exactly why I held that position.

Lately I've been curious about it's origin, however. Of course I've noticed all of it's oddities and inconsistencies before, I've just never thought to look the place up until now. The Far East Academy of Photography Ltd. in Yokohama-Atsugi, Japan? Nothing. The best I can surmise from the English names and writing, and the former military men involved is that it was just some US military school set up in Japan during World War II to train soldiers to "shoot" photos?

Well alright then...