Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I think this is how it officially starts:

So the moment just collided when I got this new point-and-shoot camera (not my first, just my newest in a while since breaking my last...what?) AND a new 7 piece Cuisinart stainless steel cooking set as a gift (for sabotaging all of my personal relationships) for the last 5 years of (dedicated submission and) service to the company for which I work. I won't get too deep for a first(ish) post so I'll just briefly mention that I have a cat and I like to garden, cook, swim and do other crafty/sporty/kinda-lame-kinda-adventurous things and then take pictures of all that. Also, sometimes I make commentary on these photos or just sleeplessly rant about things. Here goes, wish me luck!

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Georgia said...

Mmm...fancy cookware.
Welcome to the blog-world, Sister. Prepare yourself for the creeps!