Friday, February 13, 2009

The ol' cracker factory...

I've always thought of my office in these terms because of the TV show, the Simpson's - Millhouse's dad worked at a cracker factory. Plus, this always makes me think of the episode where they go to Japan and Lisa looks out the window at the Hello Kitty factory just as a bunch of muffled cats cry out and a burst of smoke emerges from a smoke-stack - hilarious!

I like to think of this constant stream as the souls of young, bright-eyed artists as they graduate from Stanford and M.I.T. only to be consumed by the corporation for which I work and the greater good of entertainment, just like those Hello-Kitties!

I, coincidentally, work in the quirky little building in the foreground to the right.

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Kirk Van Houten said...

I haven't worked at Southern Cracker since season 8. I miss my desk :'(