Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the thing I use it most for...

My point and shoot, that is. Sorry, what I meant to say was, my Canon PowerShot SD 850 IS Digital Elph (wink wink!).

Yes, it obviously shoots good macro photos of the bugs in my garden, and it certainly is much more convenient for sneaking photos of my cat under the covers or throwing in my pocket to capture random oddities than, say my Canon AE1 35mm film camera (love you Canon! Mama needs a 5D ok?), but the thing I've come to use it most for is shopping lists.

I got this $1 "The Office" themed dry-erase board from Target a while back and now when I need to go to the store, I just take a photo of the list on my fridge and head out. I know it sounds smart but you end up paying the price when you find yourself wandering around Trader Joe's, staring at your hand, wondering how stupid you must look to other people.

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