Friday, February 22, 2008

President's Day in Silver Lake with the sister:

I really like certain things about my sister's neighborhood that just don't exist on the west side. Despite the area's general trashiness there's so much good food, chatty people with friendly dogs, random guys just standing around on street corners for no apparent reason, and chickens foraging under cars for scraps of trash. We decided to hang out that day because we had both been sick earlier in the week (and therefore couldn't infect eachother) but also because she had recently broken her toe and had restricted her fast-paced-hipster-lifestyle for the weekend, thus making herself the perfect coffee-and-sandwich companion for her boring older sister who has also had a broken bone in the foot area for a few months now:

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Georgia said...

I'm not just saying this cause I'm one of the subjects, but those photos look super cool.