Monday, March 17, 2008

for love not money...

So it seems that I've started volunteering to shoot food experiments for other people now too. It was either this or a pie cookbook this weekend, and the pies fell through. But honestly, I'd never miss a chance to photograph a food experiment and I even got into the "mood" of the day by sampling some of the local fare - no mc nugget's for me but I did have some of a shamrock shake and enough of a fillet-o-fish to realize I should never do that again! Here are some of my favorite compositions from the day:

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Miss Alie Ward said...

You ruuuuuule. Seriously, how often does a girl get to be professionally photographed eating the most revolting (sounding) cocktail evar?

PS- I was trying carry out Georgia's "50s housewife" vision but I think I needed a better hairstyle for that.

Filet O' Feesh Forever,